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Oded Hareven, Co-Founder Akeyless – The Significance of Failure in Entrepreneurial Success

Inside the episode

Released June 21, 2024

The rise of machines has led to a tsunami of machine identities. This Founder set out to manage those identities and protect their secrets. In this episode, of The Founder Formula, our co-hosts Todd Gallina and Sandy Salty interview Oded Hareven, the Co-Founder and CEO of Akeyless. The three of them discuss the significance of the Akeyless name, the commitment it takes to found a company, fundraising strategies, and balancing risk vs. success. The conversation in this episode also covers:

• The problem space Akeyless lives in and addresses

• Viewing failure as an obligation

• Oded’s perspective on a company’s fundraising story

• The degrees of balance between personal life and entrepreneurialism

• Complementary personalities between leaders

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