Cloud Managed Services

Ѹ Managed Services
Most organizations are moving toward a cloud-first approach. If not carefully monitored and optimized based on workload, however, maintenance fees can spiral out of control. Managing cloud services is not the same as managing on-premise environments. The challenges are unique for monitoring parameters, metrics management, troubleshooting, workload performance tuning, network management, storage, and dependencies such as disaster recovery with cloud operators.
Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Platform Management (public cloud)

Power your business with comprehensive monitoring and management of cloud native resources.

Ѹ Managed Services provides comprehensive cloud platform monitoring and management around key areas within your cloud platform using service centric AI/MLOps.

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Cloud Governance

Take advantage of policy-driven cloud governance to manage your cloud environment.

Ѹ Managed Services provides organizational driven security to ensure initiatives around access, cost management, infrastructure as code, and management are applied across the entire cloud platform.

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Cloud Security

Gain expert visibility and management into your security posture across the cloud.

Our team of Managed security experts aim to reduce your business impact against the cloud security landscape. We will work with you to establish best practices within cloud identity and access management, cloud security posture, and cloud workload protection.

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Cloud Application / Database Management

Take advantage of cloud application and database services.

Our dedicated experts will help monitor, tune, and scale your cloud data solution. Our team is poised to ensure optimal cloud application availability, resiliency, and scale to meet demanding workloads.

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Managed Services Overview

Download the latest Managed Services PDF Overview.

Cloud Managed Services Overview

Download the latest Cloud Managed Services PDF Overview.