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Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks – Founder of KeepWOL

In this episode of The Founder Formula, learn all about Lauren Fitzpatrick Shank’s journey to entrepreneurism. Lauren is the Founder and CEO of KeepWOL, a game-centric talent development platform. KeepWOL stands for Keep Wondering Out Loud, a deeply rooted mindset Lauren’s held throughout her professional life. Todd Gallina and Sandy Salty co-host this episode and examine the influences of a company’s culture.

Listen in to this episode of The Founder Formula to hear directly from a Founder whose mission is to help leaders deeply understand their employees. Plus, you’ll hear more about:

• The influencers who manifested Lauren’s future as an entrepreneur

• Building a brand that solves a problem that Lauren herself deals with day in and     day out

• The art of saying no

• Developing a good culture for a business through profoundly understanding people

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