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Powered by industry-acclaimed processes and technology platforms, Ѹ provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring, managing, and optimizing your on-premises and public cloud networks. Our services are designed to deliver high-quality customer experiences with best-practice monitoring. This leads to increased availability and performance across software-defined and legacy technology infrastructures.
Managed Services: Managed Network

Backup as a Service

Protect the operational integrity of your business by backing up your data offsite. Eliminate the challenges of on-site backups due to limited resources, constrained bandwidth, and growing data volumes.

With Ѹ’s BaaS, you can master the 3-2-1 rule without investing money and resources into a second site or adding unneeded bandwidth. Just leverage our backup repository services and take advantage of enterprise grade technology, while paying for it like a utility.

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Day 2 Support as a Service

Ѹ provides ad-hoc incident response support in a dependable, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Our team responds to thousands of computing and network issues each year, and we have built a reputation for affordable reliability. Leverage Ѹ’s Incident Response and Service offerings after hours, weekends, or whenever your staff is overburdened.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Meet security and compliance needs with a scalable and flexible cloud solution.

Ѹ’s managed DRaaS is a scalable and flexible cloud solution delivered globally, allowing you to design and implement a secure and compliant cloud backup and replication solution that keeps your data protected wherever it may reside.

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Help Desk as a Service

Maintain business efficiency and productivity with HDaaS.

With Ѹ, you can utilize a single point of contact dedicated to assisting end users with IT issues, providing reliable answers to questions, and resolving problems quickly.

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Monitoring as a Service

Protect your business, improve network visibility, and mitigate risk.

Employ Ѹ MaaS with proactive monitoring to better assess vulnerabilities, anticipate network needs, and perform remediation.

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Patching as a Service

Patching as a Service protects your business against security threats.

Use PaaS to ensure that every machine connected to your day-to-day operations has the latest software patches installed.

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UCDay2 as a Service

With Ѹ’s Day 2 collaboration services, you no longer have to support post-project implementation operations internally.

Maintain teamwork and productivity while streamlining and simplifying UC operations with Ѹ’s UCDay2 as a Service. We support unified communications operational issues after your collaboration services project implementation.

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