Executive Security Services

Ѹ Security Solutions
Ѹ's Executive Security services team is made up of former CISO's, security architects, and advisors who strive to enable security leaders with next-generation solutions focused on process improvements. Given the shortage of trained security professionals in the industry, Ѹ helps organizations better understand the tools they have and need, and the processes that will prevent the next data breach. We do this through a number of assessment-based and rapid-cycle workshops to provide a straightforward investment roadmap within the context of your IT environment.
Executive Security Services

VC Briefings and CISO Innovation Community

Understanding the latest security platforms gives you a competitive edge.

Ѹ Innovation team will develop a deep understanding of your security interests, needs, and challenges. Our team will then select a Venture Capital firm's portfolio of technologies to best match your requirements. The hands-on process results in a fully customized briefing agenda, explicitly tailored to your infrastructure and environment.

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CISO Services

Ѹ provides executive-level professionals who are screened based on industry knowledge and years of information security experience.

Organizations need security leadership to drive performance, whether that means executive augmentation or a contracted CISO. Our team delivers unbiased security program recommendations, builds trusted advisor relationships, and enables clients to make better decisions based on current infrastructure realities when compared to an emerging tech roadmap.

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Additional Executive Security Services Content

Security Solutions Overview

Download the latest Security Solutions PDF Overview.

Executive Security Services Overview

Download the latest Executive Security Services PDF Overview.